Winter collage workshops
11 June 2022
Exploring collage workshops in July
Come to the Edge
21 March 2022
On show at the Victorian Artists Society
Hope is the thing
11 September 2021
I'm excited to be creating images for Johanna Bell's text, 'Hope is the Thing'.
Forest Song Highly Commended at VAS Autumn exhibition
08 May 2021
An oil painting inspired by walks in Tarra Valley and Sherbrooke Forest - and the elusive presence of lyrebirds.
A Mariner’s Tale for the VAS Maritime Exhibition 2021
13 April 2021
This acrylic painting and watercolour collage on display at the Victorian Artist Society's Maritime Exhibition.
Still Alive: Notes from Australia’s Immigration Detention System published!
01 April 2021
Safdar Ahmed's brilliant graphic novel now published.
Creek Life Highly Commended VAS Summer Exhibition
18 February 2021
VAS Summer Exhibition Highly Commended
Lake Dobson Highly Commended Changing Perspectives 2020, MSWPS
07 November 2020
MSWPS 111th Annual Exhibition
More fruits from Octopus
12 July 2020
The Real Map of Batchelor, according to me, by John Scrutton and Robyn Frances, now available.