CBCA 2024 New Illustrator shortlist

20 March 2024

What a thrill to be on this list. Huge thanks to the Children's Book Council judges, and to Johanna Bell for the beautiful collaborative process that resulted in this book. I'm so grateful to Anna McFarlane, Sophie Splatt, Jo Hunt, Margrete Lamond, Craig Smith for your crucial guidance and support and to the magnificent team at Allen & Unwin. And thank you so much to the booksellers and readers and librarians and teachers who do so much to bring children and books together.

'A celebration of hope and renewal ... Each spread immerses the reader in a bird's journey—from soaring over sunlit beaches to nestling in grassy plains or scavenging in city bins—making every page an artwork in its own right. Together, they form a unified sequence that gives the poetic narrative wings, elevating the text to new heights.' CBCA Judges' report

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