Pixie O'Harris Award
More fruits from Octopus
12 July 2020
The Real Map of Batchelor, according to me, by John Scrutton and Robyn Frances, now available.
The Fruits of Octopus
12 July 2020
Yellow Truck Road Train by Mandy Tootell, published by Allen & Unwin, launched in Katherine NT.
VAS Winter Exhibition
17 June 2020
This painting emerged as I reworked an old canvas. The theme of horse and rider is one that I return to often. This time it catches something of my feelings of fogginess during coronavirus ... thankfully the horse seems to know the way.
From the studio
16 April 2020
I’m working on a mangrove painting inspired by the gorgeous mangrove forests around Darwin.
Tote bags!
23 February 2020
I now have 5 tote bag designs available!
Walk and draw in the Cranbourne Gardens on 29 Feb 2020
09 February 2020
Come long for a fun few hours, walking, drawing and painting in the Cranbourne Gardens on 29 Feb 2020.
Fundraising Exhibition at Montsalvat
01 February 2020
From Jan 29 to March 6, Montsalvat is holding a bushfire fundraising exhibition: Destruction, Beauty and Hope.