Artwork Books Consultations

*** Apologies! As of March 2023, due to my other work commitments, I've had to pause my consultation work for the foreseeable future.***

'My working relationship with Erica is one of complete creative trust and collaboration. Erica’s ability to nurture the creative impulse in writers and illustrators, to coax out, formulate and extend an idea, is an instinctive gift and a marvellous one indeed.' – Leigh Hobbs, creator of Old Tom, Horrible Harriet, Mr Chicken, Mr Badger and Australian Children's Laureate 2016/17

Octopus Story Camp, Darwin, 2019, photograph by Helen Orr

'I'm amazed at how much we got done in a relatively small amount of time. And also how a series of small tweaks can really narrow and tighten the message so much. You are like a boot camp for flabby manuscripts. But without any shouting or sweating.' –  Shelley Knoll-Miller, ASA Mentorship, 2021

‘Erica was warm and excited for us and her enthusiasm was inspiring. She made us feel like our projects were possible.’ –  Mandy Tootell, creator of Yellow Truck Road Train developed during the Octopus Story Camp, 2019